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Find Your New Career 


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We Do Things Differently

We Turn Ideas Into New Careers

While we gain insight for your solutions our team understands the precise fit of skills, behavior, and personality that you need for a better-fitting candidate.

Together, we become linked with our clients’ team and commitment to reaching your business objectives. Every project is critical. We implement systematic approaches while delivering highly motivated professionals who goes against the success grid, outwork, and outperform the rest.

High Quality Services


Reaching a Deal
Temp To Hire 

Projects spikes? Get access to specialized professionals regardless of timing.

We understand the economic incentive to growing your business by hiring quality talent directly. Soālex can assist in your business success by utilizing our direct hiring process. 

We bring:

·        Large pool of professionals

·        Sophisticated communication

·        In-depth market research

·        Industry knowledge

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Permanent Hire 

Looking to fill mid-level to upper management positions directly?


We will work closely with you to comprehend your objectives as you search for the candidates for executive roles. We listen to all dynamics involved to ensure that everyone is on one accord. Soalex is here to identify elite executive talent and match them with top tier clients such as yourself.

Business Meeting

When searching for executive talent confidentiality and urgency is key From Payroll services to RIO.

With precision and insight, we can assist your short-term opportunity to​help drive your business goals. When you need to hire for a specific project look to us to recruit the best talent in your field. Whether it's for two months or an entire year, we assess every opportunity to establish mutually beneficial relationships on a long-term basis.

WorkForce Solutions 
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Unlimited Possibilities.One Goal.

Developing Solutions For Growth 



Our online services include job application, skill assessments, and career resources that make it convenient for busy candidates to build a career with us. 

Our recruiting techniques allow us to target job seekers in the way they search for jobs. Understand what they seeking for the next step to  their growth


From our boutique of qualified professionals across the country, we can successfully fill open positions for companies’ nationwide.

Tailored Fit

Staying up-to-date on recruitment practices is a must for attracting new talent. That's why we have gone further to reach today's candidates and the way THEY search

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